Welcome, etc.


It has taken me many hours to complete this site, and now I have nothing to post. This reminds me of cooking a big meal only to find my appetite has waned completely at the sound of the timer. But something has to be posted.

We should be celebrating. I have wanted to learn to code since college (2014-2018) and this year I began learning in earnest. During the early months of 2023, I spent a few hundred hours building the frontend for https://www.clearai.net alongside Jim (https://jimmy-lipko.github.io/) who handled the backend. This was an amazing process which left me wanting to expand my knowledge beyond html, css, & js (I suck at js though to be fair).

And so it began. Leveraging all the skills I’ve accumulated in touching product management, ux/ui design, and frontend code over the years, I set out to build my own site from scratch. Currently, I am writing a series of posts that delve into the specifics of what I built, why, and how.

It’s exciting to me to have a landing page online that is mine. I’ve never quite felt a sense of ownership pride over anything online, not even from the dozens of experiences I’ve helped design or even built myself on platforms like wix. This feels different though. Perhaps I have a somewhat dogmatic view of my broader cookie-cutter presence online.

In his seminal work You Are Not a Gadget, Jaron Lanier claims that there “are some of things you can do to be a person instead of a source of fragments to be exploited by others'' (Lanier, pXX). The implications of this work still sort of haunt me. Who wants their life to serve as a source of fragments to be exploited by others? Among the list of revolutionary tactics Lanier proposes was this piece of advice: “Create a website that expresses something about who you are that won’t fit into the template available to you on a social networking site”  (Lanier, pXX).

Well here we are, some years after I first read Lanier’s work, and even more years since my desire to learn to program began. I feel very proud to be able to present my thoughts on this platform that I conceived of and executed on my own. This site is simple today, but there are already many unique things about it (mostly under the hood for now), and I look forward to growing with this technology for many years to come.

Thanks for reading this post, my first post! Please follow along with me here as I document my journey through the world of digital technology (I’ll probably talk about philosophy, music equipment, and bicycles as well, so really any technology that piques my interest).